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Last Update July, 2024
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Recent Teaches

June 2024 Teaches
      Beginner & Improver
Jerusalemo - Alison Johnstone
Homecoming - Lee Hamilton
The Last Shanty - Gary O'Reilly
Meet me at the Bar - Mitchell Burgess
Do it With Passion - Neils Poulsen
One Single Wish - Linda Burgess
You're the One That I Want - Linda Burgess
Always Remember Us - Lu Olsen

May 2024 Teaches
Meet Me at the Bar - Mitchell Burgess
One Single Wish- Linda Burgess
Space in my heart- Gary O'Reilly & M.Gallagher
Calendar Girl - Bryan Hancock
K is for Kicks - Christopher Gonzalez
You're the one that I Want - Linda Burgess
Geronimo Easy - Gary Parker
Country Waltz - Dennis Foley & Verity Mills

April 2024 Teaches
Hey Hoalina - Jan Wyllie
Sherbert - Linda Burgess
Home Coming - Lee Hamilton
Cross My Heart - Karl-Harry Winson
Straight Line - Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher
Damned if I Do - Lu Olsen & Travis Taylor
Take My Love - Jean Pierre Madge
Spicy Margarita - Josh Talbot
Them Things - Bryan Hancock
Magic Nights - Neils Poulsen
Just Give - Linda Burgess
Don’t Be Blue - Lyn Booth
If Not for You - Alison Johnston & Josh Talbot
Simply the Best - Maddison Glover & Racheal McEnaney
Rolling With Love - Simon Ward
Satisfied - Linda Burgess
Standing With You - Lu Olsen
You Saved Me - Gordon Elliott
Whistle on the Wind - Stephen Paterson

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